transferring private notebooks | probably more of a 'feature' than a bug

This is likely intentional, but I am not sure that it need to be, so raising it here:

If I have a private notebook in my personal account, I must first change it to link-shared before I can transfer ownership into my teams account (where I can then de-activate link sharing). This workflow is fine (just some extra clicking), but is it necessary? Maybe I’m a rare instance in doing this operation often (and I am almost the only user of my Teams account, so it’s even a bit silly to have in my case), but I thought I’d flag it as ‘site feedback’ that I would be happy if ownership transfer could work also on private notebooks.

Thanks for this platform!

Strange. I’m not able to reproduce this bug. You should be able to transfer a notebook into a team provided you are an owner of the notebook (which you are by definition for a personal notebook, and it doesn’t matter whether the notebook has been published or link-shared) and you are an editor or owner on the team. Would you mind privately sending us a screen capture at that demonstrates the problem?

When you transfer one of your private notebooks into a team, the notebook is set to only be accessible to you. What that means is that the notebook is owned by the team, and you will see it yourself in the team’s notebook listing, but other members will not. To make it accessible to other team members, you then need to use the Share button and change the access for the team to “Can view or edit”, or just “Can view”, then confirm the change. So yes, it is a two step process to move a personal (private) notebook into a team and then share it with the whole team, but you shouldn’t have to use the Link Share option. Let us know if that works for you or not. Thanks.

Hi Mike! Thanks for the immediate response. I will do so once I get back behind a computer.

Edit: trying this in my phone now and it is working. I just realized I left my computers 2.5 hours away! :upside_down_face: Will check of it persists, but I swear I had this behavior come up multiple times yesterday.

Thanks @wiltsecarpenter ! My bug was different. Hopefully I can reproduce!

I don’t know what I was doing or imagining yesterday, but I also cannot reproduce this behavior today. Apologies for the false alarm!

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