Transfer notebooks to other account?

I have a non-Teams Observable account that I log in to with GitHub.

I’ve recently “merged’ GitHub accounts (so that I have only one account rather than one for work and one for personal use). I’d like to be able to move my 113(!) notebooks (yes, I’m aaddicted) to my “one account to rule them all”.

Is there any way to do this?

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This might be one where writing into the support team would be best: One hack would be to create a Team (free 30 day trial) then invite both your accounts, then transfer into the team and back out of it. I am not sure but you may also be able to reassign ownership this way too. :slight_smile:

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Aaron’s suggestion to transfer through a team account would be the way to handle this at the moment. This will ensure that any links or imports will be redirected and continue to work.
We realize that it is going to be tedious to do for 113 notebooks since we don’t yet have bulk notebook actions, but it is on our backlog :slight_smile: The other thing that would make this process easier would be allowing transfer of notebooks across individual accounts, which is something we might consider in the future.

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Thanks for these thoughts… I got a little spooked about the Teams so I’ve emailed support. I think I’d probably just do the Teams idea, but I don’t want to be in there “alone” and mess everything up. :slight_smile: