Transferring collection between accounts

Hello all!

For an internal report I’m compiling in my workplace I’m using Observable collections to store all the visualizations and components I’m creating as a standalone notebooks and then importing a private link of each desired cell to on a main document containing them all. Some notebooks contain sensitive data, so I prefer not to publish them and only enabling link sharing.

My issue is when I’m trying to privately transfer between the organization accounts in order to share, all of the import links are not working and I have to manually transfer each notebook to the desired account.

Is there a better way to share notebooks containing links privately? Or a way to transfer an entire collection between accounts?


Hi Itay,

We don’t yet offer a mechanism to bulk transfer an entire collection of notebooks between accounts … but the general intention is for transfer to be used only rarely.

I’m not sure that I understand your current workflow entirely, but please correct my misconceptions: Can you not just create all of your internal report related notebooks within your organization’s account? And leave them private?

That way, there would be no need to enable link sharing in the first place, and the notebooks would remain truly secure.

(Remember, Viewers in Observable Teams are free.)

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Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, workin within the organization account will solve this issue.

Having said that, I find that sometimes I want to have different versions of same reports or WIP, but only have a specific one visible in the organization account. that’s the main reason to transfer a collection. Maybe it doesn’t make sense… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel that this makes total sense. Some people are too quick to judge a work in progress.

Yes. We’ve discussed ways to add the ability to keep a team notebook personal: private and owned by the team, but only visible to the author until they’re ready to share it. It’s on the big list of good ideas for the future.

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