Personal and Team Collections

I understand that currently, a personal notebook cannot be included in a Team collection. It would be nice to be able to include it both in my personal collections and in my team’s collections.

Just checking… you are referring to a published notebook, right?
Right now, you can only add your own notebooks to your collections. So it is not possible (right now) to have a notebook belonging to you be in a team’s collection.
This is something we are looking into as we evolve our collections feature.

I know this is not ideal, but for now, the best may be to fork the notebook.

OK, thanks, it’s clear. We will wait for the evolution.

(my case was a link-shared notebook, but I imagine it’s the same as a published notebook)

Actually, I am not sure it is the same for link shared notebooks. Of course you can fork it and place it in your own (or your team’s) collection, but we will need to think through whether this should be supported once we allow the same notebook to exist in multiple users’ collections.

The idea of link sharing is really an ‘unlisted publish’. If we allow that notebook to then be added to other people’s/teams’ collections, it may in fact become ‘listed’ in a way that the original author would not have intended.

Comments welcome!

Hmm, maybe it’s better to expose the use case.

I want to be able to meet both following conditions:

  • Share a personal notebook using link sharing
  • list that notebook in a team collection

I’ll share the link-sharing URL with the team, and it’s the team’s responsibility to maintain it confidential, or eventually to share it publicly if decided so.

And we agree on me keeping ownership of the notebook and the responsibility to maintain the code.

Thanks for sharing that use case. It makes sense and we will take it into consideration.

One way to solve this is for you to be a team member and then you can transfer the notebook to the team and maintain it in the team… but I assume there are reasons you would like to keep the notebook owned by you but link shared with the team?

Yes, it’s a possibility, but there are two current reasons why I would prefer the other way:

  • the same notebook will be used in the team and personally (and possibly with other teams), and it’s better to make the code evolve in only one place
  • the team might not exist forever, and/or I might not be part of the team forever.
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That makes sense. Thanks.