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Is it possible to share a team notebook with another personal user?

Hi, I have been working on a team notebook, where my 2 technician colleagues have access (we are 3). I would love to share that notebook with another person (not a technician, so not in our team account, I have just told him to register as a personal user), so he can make edits on the markdown cells of the notebook. Is that possible, as an external user, if he is not part of our team account?

I guess as a personal user he can add comments to the notebook, but would be much more useful if he can collaborate in an easier way, editing the contents.

I was thinking, as another alternative/workaround, to temporary transfer that notebook to my personal account, and share it with my team (2 people) + he, as personal sharing I think it allows up to 4 users. But in the end, I would prefer to have those team notebooks in our team account, well organized, and when doing that, he would lose editing permissions.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Is the notebook published (listed or unlisted…)? In that case, your colleagues can fork the notebook, edit the fork and suggest the changes to your published notebook.

If the notebook is private to your team, then we do indeed not allow external editors to the notebook, since we want to ensure that team assets stay protected, including database connections, secrets, etc.

You could indeed do the transfer to personal, then share with the person for edits, and in the end transfer back to the team account. Or you could add the person to your team…

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Thanks a lot for your quick answer, Cobus!
That’s actually what we need :slight_smile: He can fork it and send me his suggestions, that’s totally fine and easy enough :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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