When a user is removed from a team, what happens to their notebooks?


I have a question that I wasn’t able to figure out from the documentation on teams. What happens to the notebooks that a user on a team has created when that user is removed from the team? If the user has shared their notebooks with the team, will they still be accessible/editable to others? What happens to the private notebooks that the user created as team notebooks?

Thank you very much!
Natalia Bilenko

Hi Natalia, and welcome!

The removed user loses edit and view access to any team notebooks (except of course they can still see the team’s public notebooks).

The removed user’s private notebooks get trashed, and the team owners get edit access to orphaned notebooks (those without anyone left on the team with edit access).

Kind of team notebook by removed user Fate
Never shared with anyone Deleted
Shared with others as viewers Team owners gain edit access
Shared with others as editors Unchanged

Let me know if we can help with anything else! Cheers from San Francisco, where I’m about to eat some pastina. :v:


Hi @Toph! I need to write up my experience, but there seems to also be an issue when a user is changed from editor to viewer and back to editor where a notebook can get orphaned (i.e continue to exist and be seen, but no longer anyone having rights to edits). Maybe a bug?

Ooh yeah that’s possible, we’ll take a look. Thank you!

Thank you, @tophtucker - that clears it up!