What happens when one unsubscribes from Teams?

Unfortunately, and despite Observable’s awesomeness, we’ve not been able to really see value for our team using Observable teams at the moment. I’d say the main reason has to do with our preference to use a Github based flow for our dev work (and not wanting to learn a different kind of source control or maintain 2 in parallel). In particular, it was too hard for us to keep track of our changes, versions, comments and we spent a lot of time figuring out if we were working on a current version and fixing changes we’d made by mistake.

So we’ve decided to stop our subscription for a while. What happens to our team notebooks when we stop our subscription to Observable Teams?

Hi @john-clarke,

No worries, if you aren’t seeing enough value from Teams at the moment, then by all means you should cancel your subscription.

With cancelled team accounts, after a grace period, all of your notebooks will remain in place, but become read-only, and you won’t be able to create new notebooks under the team account.

You can also use the “Transfer” option to move team notebooks away to personal accounts, if you’d like to migrate away and erase the team altogether.

A cancelled team can be reactivated later, if you decide to turn it on again.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

And, if you feel like writing up the workflow and process frustrations that you had while trying to keep track of current versions, or reconciling code across GitHub and Observable, we’d love to hear more detailed feedback at support@observablehq.com