Sharing notebook with DB connection


I have a notebook set up under my team that I want to be able to share. Right now the notebook is private (within the team) - but I’m not sure I understand the difference between sharing, publishing, and private.

  1. Right now the notebook is private, hooked up to the DB and working beautifully. My understanding of private is that it’s scoped to the team (so anyone on my team could edit the notebook). For my use case I’d want to keep the notebook private, and just ship the link around for folks to take a look, correct?

  2. My understanding of sharing is that this is to make a notebook externally sharable, without making it importable by others.

  3. Publishing makes the notebook importable.

Is all this correct?

If so - is there a way to share a notebook (let an external party) view the notebook and the data (without severing the connection to the DB?) Or would the correct way to do this be to add them as a viewer to our team?

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I believe the best way to do this is what you said: add them as a viewer to your team (which are free), assuming that works for your particular access considerations. This has the benefit of giving you the ability to revoke access to the notebook(s) in the future too.

Link sharing is always a little tenuous as people with the link can re-share it outside of your control and they could continue to access it even after you intended to remove access.

And to directly answer your assumptions:

  1. Yup, private is scoped to the team. If you turn on link-sharing for a notebook though, it’ll revoke access to both the secrets and database features.

  2. Link sharing will make your notebook both externally shareable and importable by others.

  3. Publishing (and link sharing) make the notebook importable.

The best mental model for sharing to me is: it’s publishing, minus the explicit publicity (won’t be listed in /recent or on the /explore pages, doesn’t have a public slug / has a hard to brute force URL, isn’t indexed by search engines [but search engines could still be aggressive and index it against our/your wishes]).