Hide publish button/Mark a notebook as private only but still save versions?

Is there a way to make a notebook not show publish button on a private notebook, mainly to prevent accidentally clicking on it after making few edits? And later If we want to really publish it, go to the menu and then publish?

Hi @a10k,

There currently is no way to hide the “Publish” button. I’m sorry to hear that you think it’s too easy to click accidentally.

Thanks for your quick response! I don’t think its easy to accidentally click (ObservableHQ has the best UI for a code editor IMO), but would be more confident working on a private notebook knowing its locked as private, so just wanted to make sure there is no setting somewhere or probably a feature only in the teams version available that I missed.

Thanks for explaining a bit more. It’s certainly an idea we’ve heard come up a couple of times before. I’ve opened an internal ticket to discuss it further.

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