How can I publish a public notebook but not listed on Observable?

I am about to clutter this beautiful site.

Please show me how to make public notebooks, but not clutter the examples or wherever they appear now.


Next to the Publish button there’s a “…” button. Click that and choose “Enable Link Sharing”. This will make the page publicly accessible but “publish” it… kind of like an unlisted YouTube video. You can unshare at any time.

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Thanx, let’s say some server program modified it, let me know how programmatically upload and publish the altered notebook.

Remember this is a new notebook so a +NEW required.


We don’t currently support a programmatic interface for creating or editing notebooks, but it is something we’re considering for the future. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you Sir for quick response, however we have clients who run Ad campaigns and are requesting analytics reports on the hour, 24x7 for 30 days for each campaign.

It will be a daunting task to have junior staff create that many notebooks manually on Observable!


You can pass query parameters to notebooks:

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Thanx we will study and see if we could build a small prototype. I shall report back very soon.