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downloading code from private notebooks? (non-shared)


Hi Observable! Congrats on launching teams!

I have read some forum posts referring to private notebooks, including Export Final Code. It seems that, in order to be able to download code for a notebook, it must first be shared (cannot be private). Is that correct?


That’s indeed correct if you want to use Observable’s built-in tools for this: the “Download code” menu item only shows up if the notebook is shared.

However, the other thread you linked contains scripts that let you download the “raw source” of notebooks, which is different (some of the script functionality is currently broken as Observable has changed the “token” handling recently). This can be done for both public and private notebooks, and once you’ve gotten the raw source it is possible to convert it into code that you can embed elsewhere using the forms at the bottom of this notebook:


Thank you Bryan!


Yes — that’s currently a limitation that we need to fix. It’s on the list!