Making accidentally published notebook private again

We’re using Observable to power own internal exploratory data analysis. It’s great that the notebooks can be shared without publishing. However, I have several times accidentally clicked Publish and then realized that I cannot unpublish a notebook having to delete it altogether.

Could you a) add Unpublish functionality, or b) make Publishing notebook a bit harder at least requiring accepting a confirmation dialog?

Btw. I love your platform - it’s totally a revolutionary way to allow interactive data exploration widely accessible to people! Also very cool innovations with dependency trees and reactivity. Keep up the good work!


Hi Albert,

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the trouble. Yes, we are planning on allowing unpublish! Coincidentally, we shipped the ability to unshare (so you can go back from Shared to Private) on Friday of last week.


Awesome, thanks! :blush:


I think another option for unpublishing would be to fork and delete the original version? The fork will remain private until you publish it. Is there any downside to this?


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Yes, that’s what I had to do. The downside is that it invalidates the link that I shared with the team before.


We just shipped the ability to unpublish a notebook. There’s a twenty-four hour window after you first publish a notebook in which you’re allowed to unpublish.


Wow, amazing turnaround! :clap: Mind blown! :wink:Thank you!


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