COVID-19 Country/Administrative Locality Openness Status?

Does anyone know of a resource that tracks the dates of quarantines internationally? I have been looking into if and how this information is posted on government websites and found it quite difficult to answer the question of when a given country intends to re-open.

Please also share if there’s a tool with this sort of information about administrative areas in the USA (or any other country).

Hope y’all are well!

PS: Thanks to @tophtucker and @jeremiak for their interesting discussion on the COVID Tracking Project during the Observable Virtual Community Meetup This Thursday 4/30 - 10am Pt. Thanks also to the Observable team for putting it on.

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Just in case anyone is interested, here’s a regrettably manual account of a small group of countries that are collectively regarded as ‘South Asia’. I culled this information through general research drudgery - no data science :frowning:

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Apparently US Dept. of State maintains updated information on country ‘openness’, e.g.:

The status updates are provided via the US embassies in country:

This is great! I think the COVID Tracking Project is working on a spreadsheet of this kind of info, but just about U.S. states, and I don’t think it’s ready or being shared yet. I’ve been wanting some structured list of local events to help with annotating charts.

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