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Covid curves

With the rapid spread of Omicron, I thought I’d share this map I built back in May that clearly illustrates that cases really are growing faster than at any other time during the pandemic in many US states. When I originally wrote this, I envisioned that I might soon release it as a final grade report on how well we “flattened the curve”. That’s not how it’s turned out, though.


ha dang nice. i hadnt actually looked at the state curves in a while so this was helpful.

now i wanna see a map where each state is labeled with the date when it ranked worst in the country. like, washington state looked especially bad in feb 2020, and then california in march, and then new york in april… the regional story has shifted a lot and i forget which region was central at what time

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Very nice! It would also be interesting to see the curve for deaths, perhaps as a dropdown or a toggle. Then you could see how virality compares to mortality by time (and the strand of the month).