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Use rel="me" links on profile page

It is useful for users to express which other social media sites are also them using the rel=“me” atttribute in an hyperlink

Note Twitter and Github “homepage” profile links do this. ObservableHQ website links do not.

A list of which social profiles allow this feature is listed on the relmeauth wiki


relmeauth allows a user to delegate an identity check to a 3rd party social identity provider by crawling for double linked rel=“me” links stemming from a users self-nominated homepage (wherever that may be).

Even though ObservableHQ is not an identity provider, its still useful for users to say “I am tomlarkworthy on @obseervable” in a precise way. rel=“me” links are the web way of achieving that, and its more useful if observable profile pages support the outbound links too.

So my suggestion is to either

  1. add rel=“me” decoration to the existing “websites feature”
  2. add a checkbox to existing “website feature” to tell observable which websites are homepages (I guess not all)
  3. add a separate list of homepages which is similar to the list of webpage.
  4. rename websites to homepages on profile


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