Automatic link to users

Idea: when parsing “@tmcw” in the markdown part of a notebook, automatically create a link to (using the text “@tmcw”, or “Tom MacWright”, or also add the icon…)

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Is it too much typing / visual clutter to just type [@tmcw](/@tmcw) to get @tmcw? I would recommend against adding too many special cases.

Edit: not trying to sound dismissive. Maybe even slight reductions in friction for making social links would be helpful for community building.

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Yes, maybe it’s better to keep to the standard. I don’t know.

Heh, yep - I’m not sure either. It would be cool, but it’s also good to stick to the standard (right now our Markdown support is roughly CommonMark-compliant). I think it’ll depend on how much we see people trying to link between notebooks and to users, and that’ll take some time and observation.

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One thing you could do is explicitly mention the ability to make links to elsewhere under by using links like [@tmcw](/@tmcw), somewhere in the introductory notebooks.

Comments do support @username for referring to users, linking to It might be nice if in comments syntax like @username/notebook#cellname would expand to