Getting Markdeep to play nice with Observables

So I attempted to create a Markdeep tagged template:

It is almost working as intended. It sometimes breaks with the diagrams, and the formatting in general can get a bit wonky. Also, I’m not sure if it overrules the CSS of the entire Observables notebook or not. If anyone sees any obvious fixes they are more than welcome.

(also, the TeX parser doesn’t work, but we can just use the existing tex tagged template inside a ${} for that)

Was not aware of Markdeep - but is exactly what I have been looking for. Will fork and start working with it.

Nice work and thanks for sharing!

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Glad you like it!

If you end up with any fixes and improvements, please share them here too!

(and if it turns you take this implementation far beyond mine, I can of course also just link to your notebook from the top of my one to send people in the right direction)

Playing around with Markdeep. No feature changes from original notebook. Made style changes to better match Observable dark mode - since I use that most of the time.

Broke the stylesheets out into their own cell to make easier to override. Is a little ugly because have to wait for Markdeep to load before it’s stylesheet is available so have a timed delay at the beginning of the cell. Maybe someone has a better way of doing it.

Loading highlight.js tomorrow-night theme which goes well with dark mode and tweaked a few other classes.