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unoficial api notebooks graph visualizer


in case you ever need an index page for all the notebooks you’ve forked or created…

just plugin your login name in ?userName param or input field. Here is @fil’s


use it as one pager for navigating your notebooks, or download it as svg and share it with your colleagues. all the notebook graph nodes are properly linked



I refined notebooks stats display and added Revisions count to the userBio for better idea of how busy devs get on this sys

@tom you’ve been busy past 10 month? :slight_smile:

I just find it interesting comparing how other devs code in the wild. Pulled up @tom’s notebooks stats just to see what his days are like. Looks like much more reserved in terms of created notebooks and posted revisions. I am with you on quality vs. quantity there.

Will add some notebooks tags display next since this site doesn’t provide them yet and I was curious what other devs code about

P.S.: also I hope you guys can add some of those user bio stats :point_up_2: in the next user dash update whenever that happens. I’d like to see more than just a list of notebooks and a link to github repos when I click on dev profiles


this is actually the best part of my notebooks visualizer. I just wish we had better solution to get around cors issues for api calls so everyone can see their work on this site like this:

not bragging! sharing is caring :hugs:

Thumbnail daemon fails to detect WebGL canvas
Alert author when notebooks fail

some new prelim. notebooks api explore share. I know tag clouds are so 1999 but I like 'em :slight_smile: https://beta.observablehq.com/@randomfractals/notebooks?userName=randomfractals#codesAbout

what’s your dev story? mine is still in the works… hit us up! we up for hire :slight_smile:

P.S.: also so wish this site added decent notebooks tagging features on publish.

@mike & @tom? when ???


I added new collections info, switched to using more responsive https://glitch.com/~observable-cors proxy for those observable api calls, added more prominent Get Stats user input, and refined notebooks document section titles. might add forked from others info to the notebooks graph next.

Do take it for a spin and see how you like this unofficial notebooks api explorer: