feature idea: give each observable user a designated 'profile' notebook

Many observable authors don’t have personal websites, and even for those who do, the target audience is often substantially different from notebook readers.

It would be neat to have some standardized notebook e.g. at @username/profile or @username/bio or similar – which might be styled like any other notebook or might have some slightly unique rendering, depending – but which could be prominently linked from observablehq.com/@username (or could even be rendered at the top of that webpage), to give people a place to host a self-introduction a bit more extensive than the current 1-line site “bio”. This could also be used to highlight someone’s favorite work (at observable or elsewhere), link to their other webpages, describe how best to contact them, show a picture, or whatever.


People without personal webpages could be encouraged to set the Website field to their personal notebook

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