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nice new landing page :)

I am glad to see your team growing and hope that the new hiring campaign brings you still more great talent! I like the updates you made to the landing page for non-logged in users – really helps get a sense of how the platform works and what can be accomplished.


Thank you! Logged-in users can see the page here:


All of the videos at the top are great!

One note: I have video autoplay disabled in firefox here, and it’s not immediately obvious that those are videos. I can start them playing by right-clicking and selecting “play”, but if someone not expecting videos loads the page and those videos are all static (just showing screenshots of new untitled notebooks without content) the page might be slightly confusing.

(Maybe people who turn off autoplaying videos are rare enough that this isn’t worth worrying about.)

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Another note: I wonder if the people offering testimonials at the bottom would mind if links went to their observable user pages instead of only to twitter? Seems like that might be more relevant.


In line with@jrus’ suggestion, I would also suggest that the videos at the top also link to the notebooks being shown (as they do for the notebooks featured in subsequent sections).

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