Trending notebooks on homescreen

The home screen that’s displayed to users when logged on has been through a number of changes over the last few months. Most recently (like, as of this morning, I think) it appears that the “Trending” notebooks are no longer displayed. I do see that’s there’s still a link under the “Explore” list in the footer at the bottom of the page.

I wonder - is this change intentional? Or maybe it’s a temporary glitch or experiment?

Hi Mark,
Good eye!
It was indeed intentional. The home page was getting quite cluttered (and slow) and we opted to add those links in the left nav also (as well as the footer for now):

That was my best guess.

I agree that the homepage has become more cluttered and that there are choices to make. The learning resources, in particular, are relatively new and are a valuable and growing addition.

One thing that really sets Observable apart, in my mind, is the community focus. That list of trending notebooks right on the homepage is a design decision that kinda put that focus front and center. Almost every morning, I scroll right to it to see what kind of cool stuff users have created and other users have liked. I wonder if moving it is a small step away from that kind of community focus?

I know the company has gone through changes recently and there are things to balance - just putting my two cents forward. :slight_smile:

As an indie user I also love following all that; but as an Observable employee, I also want a workspace homepage that just shows everything my coworkers are doing. We could try to guess which workspace wants want (e.g. is it a workspace of one person), but imo it’ll be better in the long run to have separate good focused pages. (I wanna clean up & focus & consolidate the community stuff too.)