Exploring recent notebooks is not working well

I preferred the old system of working on a notebook and having it appear on when we publish it. When I look at recent now, there is a bunch of unfinished notebooks and blocks of probably a class all doing a tutorial.

Before, I felt like I had a chance of receiving a few likes and getting on trending if I made a great notebook. Now I feel like it will get buried and no one will ever see it.

I love that we can subscribe to people now, so in the long term, maybe that kind of social network will help, but only after you’ve established a following.

It would be really nice for notebooks to only appear on recent if the content creators wants to promote it.


Thanks for the feedback, @Lao. We are looking at making improvements to the /recent page. We think it is advantageous for people to see work in progress also instead of only seeing the beautiful finished products. We are looking at mechanisms and ideas for users who want to promote their notebooks. If you have some suggestions, please submit them to the feedback repo so we can follow up there.

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Here is a link to the github post with some possible solutions

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Thank you for the detailed suggestions in the feedback repo. Much appreciated.