No public notebooks anymore?

I wanted to see if anybody compiled some notebooks for TOP500 list of supercomputers and could not find the web site for exploring public notebooks. Why it is gone?

The Explore page was restructured to focus on Observable Framework projects.

You can still use the search to find notebooks, and view trending or recent notebooks (the links are also accessible from your workspace menu in the bottom left).

Additionally you can browse through the collections in the @observablehq workspace.


We just released an update to the workspace navigation and menu. You can now access Trending Notebooks through the “Resources” menu item at the top:

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I don’t see it.

It’s in the menu that you see when you’re signed in.

So, still not public.

The pages are publicly accessible and get indexed by search engines. We only no longer surface them to visitors.

So why? It is because Notebooks are hosted on Observable servers, and Framework uses static hosting like GitHub/GitLab Pages?

Observable’s messaging has shifted to put Observable Framework and Projects front and center, which includes removing content that, without additional framing, focused exclusively on notebooks. Our primary concern is that seeing Recent and Trending without further context will be confusing for folks who signed up to Observable in order to use Framework projects.

I expect we’ll link to these pages again at some point, once we’ve implemented public listings for projects.