Are observable notebooks indexed by google

I’ve tried googling some of the introductory notebooks and haven’t been able to find them (thought I’ve found references to them). Are notebooks not indexed by google/ other search engines?

I was thinking of making a my blog into a notebook (with interactive how tos) but want it to be searchable.


nevermind, I can see they are index :expressionless:

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Thanks for raising this. I just found that even shared (not ‘published’ notebooks) are being indexed by Google. This makes me a bit more reluctant to share out works in progress to friends and colleagues :confused:


Could you DM me an example? I noticed that the robots property is missing in the server-side rendered markup (but present when hydrated). It’s likely that someone shared the link publicly and then Google failed to recognize the tag.

@tom It would probably be a good idea to add the noindex flag server-side?

Edit: Googling for yields plenty of results. It appears that most of them get picked up when they are shared on


Looking into this now. We already do add noindex tags server-side, but these look like old copies of pages.


Did this get changed? Now googling for doesn’t seem to turn up anything.

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Yes – though we implemented server-rendered noindex tags, there was a period of time last year when we didn’t have noindex tags, and Google never recrawled those pages. I filed a manual removal request for those, to clean them up.