Help understand why one notebook isn't indexed by Google

I have this one notebook that cannot be found on Google and I am wondering what I did wrong to make that happen. It’s killing me because this is the only notebook that any member of the non-nerd public has ever shown an interest in.

All my other notebooks can be found by title, by keyword, and by other means. Searching for this title, or the first sentence, or the keywords in the notebook brings up nothing on Google.

Is there something I need to change about the way this notebook was shared?

Hi @jwb, sorry to hear that! May I ask for how long your notebook had a custom URL (that is, one starting with your name instead of “/d/”?

I am not sure. Usually I select the custom URL before making public, but my flow has been slightly different in the interregnum between the old sharing flow and the new free/pro account system.

I can see no immediate reason either why it wouldn’t appear in Google, especially since it is listed as content of two indexed parent pages and Bing has it indexed as well.

We’ll continue to look into it and update here once we find out more. In the meantime you could try to either give it a few more days, or link to your notebook from another indexed result.

@jwb The notebook has now been indexed by Google. We had to manually request indexing in this case, and will look into ways to ensure that notebooks aren’t skipped.


Wow, that’s great service! Thanks!

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