New Workflow

I created and made public a new notebook last night based on the Native Land data that I’ve seen several people use recently. I also embedded it into my academic webpage to share with my campus community:

I woke up this morning, started tinkering with it, left it in a bit of a poor state, and was then embarrassed to find that the webpage was also in that state. I guess I should’ve seen that coming but I didn’t. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

So, if we want to make changes to a notebook, then I guess we need to fork that notebook, make the changes there, and then merge back. I’m not sure what I think about that. Good or bad, it’s a huge change for folks who embed notebooks.


We are actively working on solutions to make this work better. The currently proposed workflow to keep the embeds in working order is not very intuitive and we realize people will discover this in the same unfortunate way you did! We have a bunch of ideas that we plan on implementing asap.

Note, this problem (temporarily breaking a public notebook others are relying on) should not affect imports (from other accounts) because those imports are version pinned by default. But it does affect the workflow for embeds and also for what people see when they just navigate to the notebook. We are focusing on solving those workflow issues.

Thanks for all the feedback!!!

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Please, in the future, roll out platform-breaking features after they have been thoroughly tested.

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