Best practice: Targeting forks in notebook content

I’ve been pondering wether I should make some content in my notebooks conditional, so that it does not show up in forks (or only shows up in forks).
The reason is that sometimes I add a request for feedback to my notebooks which looks out of place if it appears in a (likely modified) fork made by someone else.

I’d love to hear your feedback:

  • Would you frown at such a practice, because it might confuse authors of forks?
  • Would hiding part of the contents be OK, as long as nothing gets added?
  • Where you in a similar situation and handled it differently?

Addressing your specific problem rather than the general topic: I mentioned this elsewhere on this forum, but I would love to see some ability for discussion/feedback on every notebook.

Some notebook authors don’t have any obvious way to contact them (e.g. haven’t signed up here on talk.observablehq, don’t have public email address, etc.) so there’s no obvious place to send bug reports etc… really the only option is to fork the notebook with a note at the top and hope they notice.

For that matter, is there a way for authors to get notified when their notebooks are forked by someone else?

We are hard at work on this feature. Stay tuned—it should be available soon!