Not seeing my notebook in "Recently published"

This isn’t a huge deal, but I published a notebook last night and it’s not appearing in the list of recently published notebooks. I remember reading somewhere that exact forks of notebooks don’t appear in the queue, so I suspect that this might be happening because this notebook is an exact fork of a shared, but unpublished notebook.

Is this intended behavior?

(The reason I had to make the fork was to exploit this trick to get the thumbnail to display.)

Another tiny inconsistency: when I open my profile page from an incognito window, the “Fork” icon appears on the notebook card, but after clicking on the notebook itself there’s no indication that it’s a fork.

This is the currently intended behavior, but we’re open to feedback. Possibly we could relax this now that we show popular notebooks on the homepage rather than the most recently published notebooks.

I’m going to reply about thumbnails on the other thread.

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