Searching within 'My Notebooks'

It does not appear that there’s a means for searching for one’s own draft notebooks within ‘My Notebooks’. The search tool will bring up other public notebooks, but won’t return matches within my drafts. I would find it helpful to add, and so thought that I’d raise it here for consideration. :smiley:

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Thank you! This now appears to be enabled.

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Yes! We’ve pushed out an update that allows you to search private (and shared) notebooks … and also improves search results across the board.

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Hi @jashkenas and Team.

I’ll bump this thread even though it was solved in the specific context, but generally I feel Observable is (still) wanting in regards to its search capacities.

I’d really appreciate being able to do the following:

  1. search my notebooks exclusively
  2. search within my pubic, shared, and private notebooks specifically,
  3. search other’s notebooks (excluding mine).

… My capacities to do targeted searches in Observable remain one of my biggest ‘pain points’ using this platform.

All that said - thank you for this amazing tool! Your team rocks!