Search my own drafts

If possible it would be useful if search could access my drafts, not only published notebooks.

(Also the search box is a bit weird, with its redundant popup, and no button or obvious feedback when we “submit” the form.)


Yes, searching your own drafts is on our list!

Re. the other feedback, care to elaborate a little more on what you find weird? The popup contains live results as you type. By default, the ”Search for ‘[query]’” result is selected and highlighted blue; using the arrow keys to choose a different result. Then hit Return (Enter) to go to the selected result.

For example, typing “math” in the search box and hitting Return will take you to:

But typing “math”, hitting the down arrow, and hitting Return will take you directly to:

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ah yes, in fact it’s when there is 0 result that it’s non-intuitive

on the same topic, searching for gpu.js doesn’t find anything

Yeah, we don’t currently handle search terms with punctuation in them. You can search for “gpu js” instead of “gpu.js” and you’ll find the results you are looking for.

The “gpu.js” (search terms with punctuation) bug has been fixed! Rejoice! :tada:


Another search bug: yields nothing yields notebooks titled “Gray-Scott”

We’ve pushed out an update, and you can now search your own drafts and shared notebooks! General results should be better as well…

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Excellent and super useful!

The issue with is still there, so no checkmark for you yet :wink:

A ha. That’s a proper n-dash and not a hyphen, so I’m afraid you have to grab it like so: Observable

But of course your point is well taken! There’s still really a football field of room left for improvement, and we’re hoping to switch to a better search index (say, ElasticSearch) when we can, moving things forward further.


Ha, hadn’t noticed that! Good luck with diacritics, variants, and translitteration!

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Thank you indeed. Observable is super awesome. You inspire.

I really appreciate that updated search filter now returns your shared and private notebooks. But it doesn’t seem that we can yet search within shared or private notebooks specifically. That is, there isn’t a search field within the user’s main page.

Is there way to search?query and apply ?types=public ?

That’s correct for now, but it’s certainly a fine idea — its on the list.