Broken draft notebooks?

I’m getting a weird bug.

If I click any draft notebook from, it quickly flashes on screen (apparently just fine) but the content is immediately replaced by a page stating “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page.”

Weirdly doesn’t seem to happen in Firefox, just Safari.


Same thing happened on mine as well.

When i inspect, it seems to retrieve something from the following api but failed.

This only happened in chrome and safari. Firefox is fine though.

I have no idea how to solve this. Anyone knows how to fix this?

My workaround is to open the draft in firefox and either publish the notebook, or copy/paste everything into a new notebook in the original browser… yeah, not very satisfying. Fingers crossed for a quick fix from the observable team.

We are investigating. Sorry for the trouble.

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My apologies for the inconvenience! :flushed: We’ve deployed a fix.


Thanks Mike! Now have a lovely weekend! :slight_smile:

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