Unpublished notebooks not loading in Internet Explorer

Hi Community.

I wanted to raise a possible bug. Whenever I try opening an draft notebook in Internet Explorer [Version 11.2189.14393.0], I see only a blank white screen. I asked my colleague in Bogata if he could open one of the links I shared in IE [version unknown], and he also confirmed that he could not. For both of us, draft notebooks open just fine in Chrome.

To reproduce: Copy link from unpublished notebook and try opening in IE.

I should caveat this by stating that our machines are locked-down by our IT department, and perhaps my colleague and I are both experiencing this problem due to some funky Windows security limitations, but I thought I’d raise the issue here in case it’s reproducible (and really a bug).

Thanks for this amazing platform and for all the help and guidance on learning JavaScript and data visualization!



Apologies, but we don’t support IE. You’ll need to use a more recent browser (such as Microsoft Edge) to access Observable.

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Thanks Mike! And, of course, no need to apologize! I don’t use IE much myself, but it’s the default app for our work computers and so I’ve been directing colleagues to Chrome as I share private links.

Thanks for Observable!