Notebook embedding itself broken

It seems that the notebook embedding itself is broken.
In particular the line Runtime = (await import("@observablehq/notebook-runtime")).Runtime does not work.
Is this a recent breaking change ? Wrong url ?

It’s working for me:

What browser are you using?


It doesn’t work in Firefox, because that Notebook uses dynamic import() to load both the library and the notebook as ES Modules … and Firefox doesn’t support dynamic import() yet.


Thanks for the quick answer !
You nailed it. Indeed I’m using Firefox - Also Chrome but it did not cross my mind that could be the reason.

Which prompts me to ask a follow up question:
Do you keep an observablehq browser compatibility table ? Or is it essentially designed and tested in Chrome ?

By the way, observablehq seems like a SUPERB invention !
I’m just beginning to play with it.
(In terms of notebook I’m a regular Jupyter/Python user)

Observable itself supports all of the evergreen browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

But that in itself doesn’t stop you from using any particular JavaScript feature that you like, in any given notebook. And in this funky demonstration of a notebook embedding itself, I (not the Observable application) am using a dynamic import() call to load an ES Module at runtime — something Firefox can’t quite handle yet.

Ok. Clear. Thx.
(And congratulations for the good work !)