Please help- Can't create notebooks

I can’t seem to create any notebook, attached a screenshot.

Can someone please help me with this. I am new to Observable.

There is the new button on the top right to create a new notebook. There are + on the left above and below your current cell to create new cells in your current notebook.
You are using the “next” interface which has markdown or JS or various other cell types. You current cell is a markdown cell, maybe this is confusing? Try creating a fresh cell with the + below it.

Based on the screen shot, I wonder if @smpa isn’t getting the cell to ‘light up’ blue. Notice that run arrow isn’t in an active state? It’s weird considering there is text entered. Running the cell would render the text into a header, but if there’s no option to run the cell, then no new notebook can be initialized.

… Sorry, i saw this earlier but wasn’t sure how to help…

@aaronkyle you are right. I can’t run the cell and if I do, nothing happens.

Hi @smpa01 . I would offer to start a Jitsi meet-up to help, but it’s not a great time. This is happening even 3 hours later after reloading the site?

Out of curiosity, is there anything different if you use another browser?

Sorta silly question, but are you logged in?

@aaronkyle thanks for that. I have contacted support with the issue and let’s see if they can provide some resolution. I will update here how it goes.

To answer your question, I operate Observable in Chrome, cause Mozilla does not open it. It was working fine until yesterday. This issue started today. I tried creating a notebook in Edge and it still does not open.

And, yes I was logged in all the while trying to create a notebook.

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:scream: sorry to hear that! Sorry for the rocky first start!! I promise that it’s a worthwhile platform and I regret your onboarding experience. I honestly believe observable helps to do many things. Over the past 3 years my life has become progressively easier thanks to this platform. Hope support can help you get moving soon!

@smpa01 I’m not sure if it’s relevant here, but be aware that all notebooks run in the same thread. If one of your tabs contains a notebook that blocks execution (e.g., because of a CPU-heavy operation, or an active debugger breakpoint), it will stop all other notebooks from running.

You can also try to switch to the classic Observable editor, by selecting “Switch to Classic” from the “…” in the upper right.

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Support reached out to me and I realized it was due to a VPN issue. Can’t create notebooks unless connected to VPN. It is strange.