Observsable flat out refusing to work

Incredulous to be fair. Have created 10 notebooks prior. no issues. have a team of 4. no issues. previously on a paid account. no issues. looks like weve been moved to starter - fine. i spoke to the observable rep a few week ago about this change - was explained that nothing would happen to us.

Now - can’t run anything! Not any of my notebooks or any notebook from someone else that is public.

Can open them up but can’t run any cell.

tried creating a one cell notebook with

`# hello world.

Nope, nothing.

Observable refusing to run.

nothing on these forums. nothing on twitter. Im assuming we’re missing somehting “obvious”. or not? given we’ve created and run very complex notebooks in the past with zero issues… and are stumped working out why a “hello world” one cell notebook is not working then yeah…

contemplated paying $350 for the one month paid account just to get any response at all, like anything… but JC… $350 just to have the “joy” of seeing # hello world work is a bit much… any assistance please.?



Thanks for raising this! We are looking into it.

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Yeah, looks like Observable is down. All notebooks look like this:

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Hi @guruscott, thanks again for flagging this! The issue was related to our recent network maintenance and is now resolved. Please let us know if you notice any persisting problems with notebooks running properly.

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Thanks for responding everyone above.

Is this a regular thing? I couldnt find an official observable status page either - might be an idea. thanks.

@guruscott, this is definitely not a regular thing. We monitor the site 24x7. Unfortunately, this particular error was not one we have seen happen before (site was up, notebooks opened, but some required JavaScript files were not loading) so our alerts did not fire. We are adding additional monitoring to avoid this in the future and are in the process of integrating a status page into our processes.