Code cells stopped evaluating

Hi everyone,

I’ve just created my first notebook yesterday. I made a few edits this morning and then for some reason it just stopped working. When I try to evaluate a cell by using shift-enter, or by clicking the play icon for the cell, nothing happens. Even a markdown cell won’t evaluate.

I’ve tried creating a new notebook, but nothing evaluates at all.

Is there a setting somewhere that controls global options for a user? What could I have missed?

Here is the link to my project.

Any help would be great.

I loaded the notebook, and at first nothing loaded. After about 30 seconds while I poked around, things started to evaluate. There isn’t a global user level option for this. There is safe mode, but you aren’t using it.

I think that something in that notebook is loading a lot of data, and it might take a while to evaluate, especially on slower connections.

Thanks for getting back so quick.

The only data this file is supposed to load is a 252k csv file. Practically nothing. If I try to add a new cell with just 2+2 to evaluate, it doesn’t evaluate.

I have tried to create an entirely new notebook and no cell will evaluate. A completely clean notebook with a markdown cell and “hello world” fails to run.

I’m completely stumped.

That’s very odd. You may have an overly zealous ad blocker that is getting in the way. Do other notebooks, such as this one work for you?

Sorry to double post. But can you also make and share one of those simple hello world notebooks? There is something I’d like to try, but I need one of your notebooks to do it.

I’ve just deleted everything, including my account, and will create a new account. I have a look at the dev tools and there were some very concerning errors about malware and such. I’ve run a scan on my computer but found nothing.

I’ll let you know what I find when I recreate my account.

That’s actually kind of telling. Do you run any antivirus or antimalware software? Many of them “helpfully” inject themselves into web content and can break many sites.

I didn’t run anything explicitly, but this is a work computer and the browser is managed by my work.

I’ve tried to create a new account, but I’m running into some trouble because my email address is already listed, but since I have deleted my account I can’t sign in to it either. I might need to wait a while.

Account deletions take 3 days to process. You can speed up that process if you need to by emailing

Managed work computers might be affecting iframes or SSL of subdomains, both of which can affect Observable. Even some ISPs have caused trouble when they meddle too much in the connection. Once you have you account up again, it may be worth while to try a browser you don’t normally use. Firefox instead of Chrome, or Chrome instead of Firefox, for example.

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Thanks mate. Will do.

Note also that the Network tab in your browser’s Developer Tools can be invaluable, as it lets you inspect what resources get loaded, from where, and how long they take.

Depending on how your notebook is structured (e.g. when using side effects), these errors may not be immediately apparent.