i miss the start-up collections

The changes to Observable are great, and of course everyone will have different preferences, so apologies if this is just noise, but I really miss the featured collections.

With the recent changes, users now have 8 notebooks under quickstart that we can either toggle on or off. Before, we had a quickstart collection and a bunch of other collections of cool notebooks. Just a few minutes ago I went to grab the URL for one that used to be featured, but couldn’t find a way to navigate to it. I recall the author’s handle and so pulled up his profile, then clicked through his notebooks till I found it. [Incidentally, a keyword search for this notebook didn’t return it in the first two pages of returns]. If I didn’t have all this context to work with, I may not have found it (a once featured notebook).

Observablehq still has collections, but to get to these I also have to know about the concept of collection, and think that the observablehq.com site has an observablehq user that would avail of these collections. This is a lot of head-work for the uninitiated, and a lot of great examples and tutorials that you [the Observable team] have been curating that are now relatively buried.

So again - with all realization that all users have different preferences and knowing you folks are deliberate and amazingly skilled, here’s my short appeal to bring back the concept of featured collections to Home.

[And while I’m here, I’ll toss in my request to looks for ways to help users just more directly to the ‘recently published’ feed, which once was one click away and now is two].

With sincere admiration and :heart: !

The Observable collections are still featured at the bottom of the Explore page:

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Ah, thanks. This helps - and sorry that I missed it. As for my overall sentiments, I suppose I still yearn for more of these bit to link into the Observable site at the ‘top level’ of my user ‘home’, so to speak.

I also like the idea of toggling on and off elements in home as you’ve implemented for ‘quick start’ and would love some capacity to do this / move content sections on home up or down according to user preference.

… Or maybe all I really want is to click the Observable icon and to be taken to the Explore Page, rather than to my user’s home … since I can already get to my user’s home by clicking my user icon and clicking the home icon. For me, if we are already authenticated and re-directed to user home when first typing https://observablehq.com in the browser, this (to me) would be a more efficient way of accessing community content… and not requiring me to scroll down past all the user activity information to get to the somewhat small >explore link.

But really, I just want to say - thank you!! this platform is amazing, you and everyone have been and continue to be super generous to make all this open and available and to help people to learn! thanks also for your continued patience with me.

Thanks for Observable!

We do show part of the explore page at the bottom of your home page, just not the featured collections. Perhaps we could put a teaser there. In any case, this is just a first pass, and we plan on doing a number of refinements to aid discovery. Thanks for the feedback!

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