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Thanks for Observable


@mike and others: thanks for providing and maintaining the Observable framework – I find I’m using it so much that I’ve started inadvertently keying shift-enter into other apps with unexpected results! :grinning:


Same here! and btw - Safe Mode is awesome! 'cause when I code something extra ordinarily stupid (which is more frequent than I would wish) has come to the rescue.

Thanks and don’t ever lose :heart: - if you build it - they will come. Thanks for the good works!


Same here

It’s so useful for initial data analysis and web components prototyping. I am using it for months now. It’s a great platform, makes easier to try out new things.

Got enormous respect for ObservableHQ team!


Thanks for the love and encouragement! It brings us joy to see all the amazing notebooks people are publishing. We’re working hard to build exciting new features, too.


I actually have a complaint: it’s so easy to try stuff out it’s addicting! :stuck_out_tongue:

… but really, the short feedback loop when building stuff actually makes me hyperfocused. It’s a bit too easy to get sucked into tinkering for hours, despite having other things too do.