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Feature request: proper FAQ page or collection for new users


@mike, @tom & @system co.:

Looking through some of the most recent threads on this forum I think observable is reaching new boiling point with a lot of new users joining and asking the same questions that were documented in various notebooks on this site before.

I suggest we create a proper FAQ page or Observable collection landing page that addresses most frequently asked questions by new users we can redirect to with a single starter link to how one would import, export, embed notebooks, deal with 3rd party data sources with CORS issues for notebooks data, what browsers are currently supported, etc.

I think Introduction, Tutorial and other Observable collections are great, but they are scattered over various intro, tuts, and techniques notebooks that don’t really follow FAQ format new users can use to quickly lookup a solution for their onboarding issues on observablehq.

your thoughts on this?


not sure if this is new, poped up as new on my radar.

I am a proud owner of the https://talk.observablehq.com/badges/16/read-guidelines badge now :slight_smile:

Anything we can do for a similar FAQ on site? :point_up_2: