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New profile page

Hi everyone,

We launched a new profile page for users yesterday. When people navigate to your username on Observable now they’ll see a profile page with your name, your bio, and your most recently published notebooks and collections on it.

You can customize your profile by going to your settings, editing your bio, selecting a banner image, adding additional websites, and even sharing a contact email address.

The banner images were all generated from Observable community notebooks, which are collected here for you to poke around in.

We’ve more work around the profile lined up (both adding features and fixing UI oddities), but would still love to hear your thoughts on this initial set of changes.



As always, short release notes for the site can be found here: 🌟 Release Notes: What’s New on Observable? 🌟 / Observable / Observable


Any intention to add a user-uploadable banner image, for those who want to be special snowflakes (or put special snowflakes in their banner)?


Absolutely! We ran out of time to implement it the first time around, but it’s the #1 thing we want to add when we revisit this.

Thanks for the profile page updates! It would be really cool if we could pin some featured notebooks or collections.

I don’t know if it is just me, but if I decide to change your banner by clicking another thumbnail, the “save changes” button does not become active - I have to change some other setting for that. Also: a custom banner image would be cool!

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if I decide to change your banner by clicking another thumbnail, the “save changes” button does not become active

I don’t think you have to save changes. Once you click on one of those thumbnails, your banner is set. You can double check by examining your public profile.

I agree that I’d really like to be able to set a custom banner. A major objective of the site is to empower visualization so you would think that users would be able to generate some pretty nice ones.

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Can I choose which notebooks show first in my profile? Seems like they’re just alphabetical, which isn’t that helpful for me :slight_smile:

@bradydowling Notebooks on your profile page are sorted by publishing dates. Specifying a custom order is not currently possible, but there’s a related feature request:

I believe there’s also another feature request for a customizable profile, but I don’t remember where. @jrus may be able to help out.