"Preview profile" not working

It seems that the “preview profile” has been disabled

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I can’t see any difference between the three following links:

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Hi severo,

We introduced a new profile page on Wednesday, and at the same time removed the “preview” feature. Perhaps you were seeing a cached view of the site? 🌟 Release Notes: What’s New on Observable? 🌟 / Observable / Observable

Your new profile page looks the same to you as it does to everyone else, and your notebooks can be filtered by their published state:


I nope that helps.

[Edit: apparently we just forgot to remove that preview button after launching the new profile, and only did so this morning! So, that’s why you saw it last night, and that’s why it didn’t work. Sorry about that.]

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This is offtopic, but would the team consider posting such updates in posts to talk.observablehq.com? I’m not sure what channels are currently used, but I pretty much only check this forum (and the d3js Zulip).


OK, thanks for the explanations! It was a good idea to separate the profile page from the home page, much clearer now!

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Sure. We do usually post a message to forum when we release new features, but we can absolutely link to the Release Notes with those updates. Thanks for asking!

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Thanks for the quick response! I must have missed the announcement message for the new profile page linked above; is that still forthcoming or am I searching for the wrong thing?

It would be nice to display the notebooks by votes, as opposed to displaying the most recently published. The stuff that I’ve published most recently is most often the result of a bit of tinkering and not necessarily representative of the quality of my work. I suspect that many others could say the same.

Also, I’d love a groovy graphic banner, but I’d rather generate my own. It’s a little odd that a site that allows so many people to create stunning graphics doesn’t allow that.

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The downside being that you have even less control over what gets displayed, and that your profile might forever display the same notebooks.

Ideally we’d be able to fill the six slots manually, either by “pinning” them to our profile, or by assigning them to a slot. Any remaining spaces could then be filled up by the most recently published notebooks.

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Do you mean: just copy GitHub? :smile:

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Yes, I agree. I had thought of that but figured it might be a bit too much to ask for. :confused:

Thanks again for all these ideas. I’ve posted an announcement about the profile page, so we’ll also be looking in that thread for feedback: New profile page

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No worries! Nope you didn’t miss it. I think it got posted after your question but here it is: New profile page

Hope this helps! Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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