When people like my published notebooks I want to easily check out their profile

So I’m going to use a screenshot with Fil and Fabian here, because I’m fairly confident that they don’t mind it if people know that they like this particular notebook:


If I click on this I go to my own notebook. I already know what my notebook is like, I usually am more interested in the people who like the notebooks I published - maybe they have cool stuff I would like back! I
I know I can do this by opening the notebook and click on the “see who liked this notebook” link to get the pop-up, and that’s what I’m doing now (I’ve subscribed to about 30 RSS feeds of people this way), but often people like my heaviest of nottebooks - the ones that take ages to load.

It would be nice if I can immediately go to their profile from the “Recent Activity” tab on the home-page, for example if their names were hyperlinks that go to their profiles.


Yes, please! :heart: