Feature Request - Add a "Watch" button

Hello there!

The “like” button is great, but I would love to have the ability to watch notebooks. I find that with just a like button, I am using it more as a way to save notebooks that I find interesting, rather than giving praise to great work. Certain notebooks I want to track regularly, as I may be interested in how one is approaching a problem, and eventually I might fork it, but using the like button isn’t really the right use case for this. I’m thinking of this similar to how github has watching, staring, and forking repos. Just a thought!

It could also be cool if you could watch an author vs. specific notebooks. I want to know when certain people publish new posts. Right now, I just bookmark their pages and check it out every so often, which isn’t particularly efficient.



hah! see my wishlist here:

covers some of the items you’ve mentioned and more :hugs:

Oh that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. Blargh, I did try to see if someone else had posted this idea… sorry observable team for the duplication!

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