Notebook performance analytics

I’m really curious of how well/poor my notebooks are doing. As the author, I don’t need to see a whole bunch of visitor/reading data about my article, but some would be better than the current none. Those metrics really drive me to make more. Are general analytics on the road map?


They are!

We’re considering, in no particular order:

  • Likes (Thanks, Claps, Kudos, Appreciations?)
  • Views / Reads
  • Follows
  • Forks
  • Responses (Comments, Feedback, Questions)

I’m particularly interested in being able to see what notebooks are descended from a given notebook, so if I run a workshop using a template /starter code, I can see all the notebooks created by participants/students without needing them to manually send me their links.

Right now child notebooks link to their parents, but parent don’t seem to have awareness of their children yet.


It probably goes without saying, but I think the site would benefit from social / -organisational features :slight_smile: Specifically, I’d like to be able to like/star notebooks, partly as a social ‘like’, but also as a collection of interesting notebooks — i.e. like Github stars.

Keep up the good work, by the way :slight_smile: I’m really enjoying the site.


I’d love to be able to “like” notebooks to show appreciation and keep track of notebooks that I want to return to. Optional commenting with tags would also be really handy to give the community more control over grouping/filtering of notebooks.


Some kind of discussion related to particular notebooks would be great. There are already a few notebooks that I want to talk to the authors about minor points on but am too lazy to email them.

Not sure what the right place is for it though (and should maybe have a toggle for authors who don’t want discussion).

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Seconded! I’ve looked for this a few times already after viewing some really well put together observables.

Would love to be able to like, clap, react to notebooks, essentially to show the love.


Not quite in the same sort, but some organization of one’s notebooks, be it folders or tags, would be useful.

Special weekend release: you’ll now see a :heart: on notebook pages, and like counts in most lists of notebooks!


You can now browse your own likes if you are logged in by choosing “Likes” from the drop-down menu in the top-right:


Just to add this great notebook on notebooks

This discussion is reminding me of IBM’s many eyes project. around collaborative visualisation analysis. Any idea why they took it down ?