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suggestions on likes & trending

A few minor suggestions, that I think would be more comfortable:

  • maybe the Likes link (@user?tab=likes) could be moved from the user menu to the left-hand side list, after Notebooks, Collections, Suggestions. As it’s hidden away in the user profile menu, I had almost forgotten it existed
  • it would be nice to have our likes added to the activity menu (you have liked…)
  • conversely, it would be nice to be able to filter out likes (and likes received) from the activity menu
  • rather than spend time re-reading the 120 notebooks selection in /trending, I would definitely use a /trending/rss feed

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions @Fil — I’ve opened a couple of tickets.

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Do note that you can get to your likes page from observablehq.com/likes if you want to get there from the URL bar.