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On my pc, I find it confusing that the menu option help does not appear on a regular notebook when you actually might need help. It took me some time to find the help option just appears if you go to your home.
I guess it is intended I just don’t find it intuitive.

On my iphone safari browser, even on home when I select help, I see the forum option but it is not selectable (at least I never succeded)

Hi EE2dev,
On your PC, can you help me understand a bit better what menu option you are referring to? When you are in a notebook, there is either a ‘?’ icon floating at the bottom of the screen

or if you have the experimental features turned on, you should see the ‘?’ icon on the right of your notebook


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Thanks Cobus!


Yes I was referring to the drop down menu on top of the home notebook.
Indeed, I use the experimental version and seeing your instruction, I noticed the ? icon with the forum link. Sorry, for not looking closer, I just missed that.

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