I can no longer find a link to the forums on the home page

Hi! I like the new home page, but it looks like Twitter, Github and Forum links have all disappeared. Is that intentional?

So as I was typing this message I found it:

Honestly, that doesn’t feel very discoverable to me… is that intentional? I can imagine that you really want the community to “live” on the observable site itself, but then it would also be nice if it had more forum-like discussion features than it has now.


Now the link is under ‘Learn’ along with Tutorials and Documentation, while the next link is ‘Community’ which doesn’t have a popover but is clickable.

I always expect to find Forum under Community and sometimes keep clicking on it accidently :confused:

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While we are here, having ‘explore’ and ‘learn’ be unclickable mouse-over menus while ‘community’ is a clickable link with no menu is slightly confusing, since all 3 look the same.

a10k: Once you get to the community page there is a link to the forum at the bottom.