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nice change to the talk navigation menu, but is there no middle ground?

The recent additions to the talk navigation menu we’re not great on mobile, but I liked that you were trying to link more to core areas of Observable (jobs, etc). Is the current roll back an indication that you haven’t found a means of adjusting the talk platform to include these in a user-friendly manner?

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Hi @aaronkyle thanks for the note. We’re still evolving the forum and the nav menu and just edited the navbar for mobile. We’ll keep adjusting as the forum continues to be of value to our community.

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For what it’s worth, I would expect navigation links in the forum to go to pages within the forum. If someone wants to get to the main Observable site I’d expect them to click the ‘back to Observable’ button and go from there. I’m not quite sure who the intended audience is for these links, or if that audience is likely to look for them there (or even ever notice them there).

I’d use that nav-bar space for a link to talk.observablehq.com/latest, links to categories within the forum, or links to other communication tools (e.g. github.com/observablehq/feedback/issues/): the type of links I would expect someone who goes to talk.observablehq.com to be looking for.


@jrus Great suggestions and thanks for the feedback! Makes sense

Thanks for the suggestions @jrus