Suggestion: add a clickable πŸ›ˆ to trigger the "Need a little help?" modal

So I figured it is entirely possible for new users to impatiently click through the initial introductions and completely miss the ? pop-up keyboard shortcut.

In general, keyboard shortcuts are for power-users, as they are inherently not easy to discover unless fitting standardized behavior, which still has to be learned previously. Having a GUI element makes it easier to discover this quick help option.

A few possible, (to me) non-intrusive locations could be:

  • As an icon to the left of the hamburger menu icon on the top bar
  • As a πŸ›ˆ Quick Help item in the opened menu
  • To the left of the # icon in opened cells



It’s in the user menu (click your avatar) rather than the notebook menu, partly because it predates the notebook menu. We’ll consider moving it to the notebook menu.

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Wait, what? <clicks> Oh hello, that’s a surprise, haha!

On most other sites that is the behavior of clicking on avatars (including this forums). It never occurred to me to click on it before, let alone expect that there was a menu hidden underneath it! :sweat_smile:

We’ve moved the Help menu item over to the notebook menu (from the user menu), where it’ll hopefully be more discoverable (and predictable).

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