Explicit, non-sideffective way to set titles


There should be (is there?) a way to set titles explicitly within a notebook.

The current way of eliciting the title would probably work 95% of the time, but it is important to have a way to override that title for the other 5% of the time.

I created a notebook that uses localization to cater to English and French speaking audiences:

So, when I initially published the notebook I ended up with the title “${locale.incomeTaxInCanadaByProvince}”. Not very pretty, eh?

I deleted that notebook. The link above includes a workaround (not using localization for the title).

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There is not currently a way to set the title explicitly. (It might be technically possible through the developer console, but I don’t advocate that approach…) As hinted at in other threads, we plan to improve the publishing workflow in the future to allow greater control over the title, slug and thumbnail.

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